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Once idea reach a threshold they are internally reviewed. The best ideas are taken into consideration for future roadmap, new content development or community improvement. The idea status gets updated in real time to let you know where in the process the idea is. The partner product category allows you to share your solution needs when you cannot find it in the market.

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Biker crash Lorawan self assistance box

Hello, my name is Stéphane and I want to introduce you TomtrackThe Tomtrack is a box of help and help for bikersIt is waterproof and small design and fits easily under a saddle or in the suitcaseIts p...Show more

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4zerobox: the Industrial toolkit for development of IoT usin...

Hi, ​I’d like to inform you about a new project called 4zerobox, live now on Kickstarter: https://bit.ly/get-4zerobox 4zerobox is a modular electronic board for Industrial IoT applications, ready for ...Show more

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LoRa for tracking Pilgrims in Mecca

Pilgrimage (Hajj in Arabic) in Mecca is the largest gathering of people in one event globally.  During the event, around 2.5M people gather in one area performing the same rituals over a period of 5 d...Show more

3 comments 2 months ago

Weblink, product datasheet

For improvement of information: when searching sensors, would be rather good to have either the product datasheet or a weblink leading to it.


Let partners directly upload their parts to the catalog

Have an automated process where partners and solution providers can directly upload their part information inside the LoRa solution database.

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Cars, safety, ambulances, emergencies, microcontrollers , se...

Hi everyone.In the next years all vehicles will be connected. Meanwhile, with the insertion of a Lora chip in the vehicles it would be possible to provide a bridge between next generation and the olde...Show more

1 comment 7 months ago

Public Security Optimisation using GPS enabled LoRAWAN Gatew...

In light of the recent call for more verticals to support LoRAWAN roll-out investment by telecoms operators, I think it might be worth it to work on a solutions that link user devices with emergency r...Show more

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Smart Parking

My name is Ruslan. Our company EcoPark based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We are system integrators of smart solutions in Kazakhstan. Today we are looking for smart parking solutions with LoRa (868Mhz) sens...Show more

2 comments 10 months ago

"Solutions/Help Wanted" Section

Members post a "Solution/Help Wanted" ad to which other community members respond to with their expression of interest in developing or providing suport. Minimum set of criteria would need t...Show more

2 comments 11 months ago