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Let partners directly upload their parts to the catalog

Have an automated process where partners and solution providers can directly upload their part information inside the LoRa solution database.

1 comment 3 hours ago

IoT Innovator's Challenge SX126x: Satellite Flood Early Warn...

https://vimeo.com/259167783I accept the terms and conditions statement of the competition. 

0 comments 10 days ago

man overboard for sailing clubs

We are already developing remote monitoring products for the marine environment - https://remon.io - and would like to take advantage of the new Semtech LoRaWAN nano tag to provide a cost-effective ma...Show more

0 comments 12 days ago

Time synchronization for the Class A devices

There is real need for synchronous RTCs (Real Time Clocks) in Class A LoRaWAN end devices. For example, "sometime" it is vital in real industrial and utility application areas. At first gl...Show more

1 comment 6 hours ago

IoT Innovator's Challenge SX126x - Liking (monitor hikers in...

Hello,My idea is to monitor hikers to ensure their safety automatically and cheap without depending on GSM signal, based on a LoRa system.Video: https://youtu.be/3xUcVr71EpwDiagrams are generated by m...Show more

3 comments 17 days ago

"IoT Innovator's Challenge SX126x" Animal Health Monitoring ...

So with the help of this product we will be able to diagnose health problem in animals and we will be to give them treatment on time before their health condition becomes swear.This product will also ...Show more

2 comments 1 month ago

Public Security Optimisation using GPS enabled LoRAWAN Gatew...

In light of the recent call for more verticals to support LoRAWAN roll-out investment by telecoms operators, I think it might be worth it to work on a solutions that link user devices with emergency r...Show more

0 comments 6 hours ago

Smart Parking

My name is Ruslan. Our company EcoPark based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We are system integrators of smart solutions in Kazakhstan. Today we are looking for smart parking solutions with LoRa (868Mhz) sens...Show more

2 comments 11 hours ago

"Solutions/Help Wanted" Section

Members post a "Solution/Help Wanted" ad to which other community members respond to with their expression of interest in developing or providing suport. Minimum set of criteria would need t...Show more

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