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Let partners directly upload their parts to the catalog


Have an automated process where partners and solution providers can directly upload their part information inside the LoRa solution database.

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Eben Wilson 1 month ago

Could you be a bit more specific about what you mean by "part" ??

Hardware, firmware, software, sensor kits, signal processors, LORA hubs, OEM parts, sub-systems and assemblies? The provision of an end-to-end solution in the LORA eco-system is extremely complex ... but by working together we can make that easier, but we need to define our terms and capabilities in good detail to be able to partner with each other. 

This is not meant as a criticism, a library of capabilities would be a very useful resource. 

Mathieu Hoffmann

The new catalog now allows all the LoRa ecosystem partners to directly add and edit their solution.
You can access it in the top banner.