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Actility Network Server for LoRaWAN™

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Actility provides the end-to-end ThingPark Wireless core solution for LoRaWAN™ network to mobile operators, utilities and other infrastructure owners. ThingPark Wireless includes the LRC Network Server for routing and authentication, the ThingPark Wireless OSS including the Device Manager portal, the Base Station Manager Portal and the Base Stations featuring Semtech's LoRa® wireless RF IC solution from Actility's base station partners. Actility works on interoperability with device partners within its ecosystem to provide pre-integrated sensors featuring a Semtech LoRa IC to cover key verticals such as smart parking, energy efficiency, tracking and security. Actility provides device vendors with partner kits including base stations featuring a Semtech LoRa IC connected to the ThingPark Wireless core network together with access to the ThingPark Wireless Device Manager Portal and the Wireless Logger tool for troubleshooting.

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Actility Network Server for LoRaWAN™



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