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DIGIMONDO Cloud Platform- complete network server (firefly) & gatew for LoRaWAN™

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DIGIMONDO's modular cloud platform was made in Germany and includes firefly, a carrier grade LoRaWAN™ network server with remarkable device-, user-, billing-, organization- & data mgmt. features. Furthermore, it provides extensive network mgmt. functionalities in the form of a comprehensive gateway- & network mgmt. system (GMS). DIGIMONDO truly believes in the idea of an open ecosystem. Therefore, firefly is interoperable with any device supporting LoRaWAN & all gateway suppliers are supported within the GMS. DIGIMONDO participates in the TC of the LoRa Alliance™ to ensure our solutions advance closely alongside the specification of the LoRaWAN standard for fast feature integration, e.g. roaming. DIGIMONDO developed this software, knowing the exact needs for the operation of large public & private LoRaWAN networks. All modules are separately available & can be operated either in a software as a service (SaaS) model or at the customer's premises.

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DIGIMONDO Cloud Platform- complete network server (firefly) & gatew for LoRaWAN™



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