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Acklio LoRaWAN Network Server

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Start, grow and scale your private LoRaWAN® Network

The LoRaWAN Network Server is the backbone of your IoT deployment. It guarantees an efficient and secured link between your IoT devices and your applications. The Acklio LoRaWAN Network Server supports specific business and operations requirements for system integrators or Private LoRaWAN Operators:

From small to large scale deployment
Pay as you grow and scale your architecture
Grow and fit with your needs, from the proof of concept to full-scale projects

Future proof data model with common data representation
Ensure semantic interoperability for any of your IoT devices
Enhance your data with third-parties to generate intelligent services

Intuitive and robust
Connect and authenticate hundreds of devices in few clicks
Customization and ready to handle a high volume of data

Integrator-oriented architecture
Everything you need for effortless integration with your IT and preloaded IoT Cloud Platform
Real-time 360° view of network, gateways and devices behavior

Acklio LoRaWAN Network Server - global architecture

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Network server

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Acklio LoRaWAN Network Server



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Network server

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