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Koichi MatsuoKoichi Matsuo 

DevEui vs AppEui

Hello all, 

Regarding DevEui and ApppEui, would you tell me the difference?
My understanding is that both is based on IEEE EUI64 address, so should we have two kinds of different IEEE EUI64 address before activating end-device?

Extracted from spec 
The AppEUI is a global application ID in IEEE EUI64 address space that uniquely identifies the entity able to process the JoinReq frame. The AppEUI is stored in the end-device before the activation procedure is executed.

The DevEUI is a global end-device ID in IEEE EUI64 address space that uniquely identifies the end-device.

GregoryGregory (Semtech Corporation) 
Hello Koichi,

Here is what you are looking for:

DevEUI - 64 bit number
 - This is the unique ID of the end device. To make sure it is unique, the node manufacturer should contact the IEEE to obtain a range of unique addresses.

AppEUI - 64 bit number
- This is the unique ID of the Application server. The AppEUI is also unique and should be obtained from the IEEE. This is the destination of the messages sent by the nodes. The AppEUI is unique to the Application Server and each Application Server will have its own AppEUI.

AppKey - 128 bit number
- The AppKey is the encryption key between the source of the message (behind the DevEUI) and the destination of the message (behind the AppEUI). This key must be unique for each device.

How to get them:

DevEUI: this key is linked to the end node, this means end node manufacturers should contact the IEEE to get a range of unique identifiers.

AppEUI: this key is linked to the Application Server. It must be unique so that end node World Wide (we will have roaming soon) know where to send their messages. The AppEUI is usually provided to the end node manufacturers by the solution providers (who "own" the Application Server).

AppKey: The AppKey is the data encryption key used to "encode" the messages between the end nodes and the Application Server. The AppKey is typically a random generated number who is programmed into the end nodes and also communicated to the Application server (so that it can decode the messages).

Koichi MatsuoKoichi Matsuo
Hello Gregory,

Thank you for your prompt response.
I see.
DevEUI and AppEUI both should be used IEEE EUI64 address.

As you mentionted, regarding DevEUI, node manifucture should prepare the IEEE EUI64 address.
On the other hand, regarding AppEUI, solution provider should prepare the IEEEEUI64 address.

From the perspective of applicatoin user's view, they seem to have two kinds of IEEE EUI64 address.
It is clear.

I appreciate for your great help.